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SwitchBox™ ST 50/125 Duplex Multimode OM2<br />Fiber Optic A/B Desktop Switch

SwitchBox™ ST 50/125 Duplex Multimode OM2
Fiber Optic A/B Desktop Switch

Price: $895.00
*Ships in 3-4 wks
Part Number:SBXD-B2

The SwitchBox™ Mechanical Fiber Optic A/B Switch is a device that accepts optical inputs from a primary path and a secondary path to provide manual switching in the event that the primary path signal is broken or otherwise disrupted.

Easily switch both transmit and receive fibers to a backup path. No optical to electrical conversion between the fiber connections, no mirrors or substrates and no power required, resulting in a Failsafe Network Switch. Extremely low loss, low back reflection, and infinite crosstalk. Ideal for simultaneous network protection of both transmit and receive paths.

The switch can also be used in a variety of other custom configurations - network simulators, delay lines, add/drop switching and latency switching.

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